User guide for care staff

Kaleido is our gateway into virtual reality. These glasses, or a headset, as they call it, is equipped with stereoscopic lenses and speakers which enable us to travel almost anywhere we want.

Working with Kaleido is very straightforward – you’ll learn the ropes in no time! We highly recommend starting with our instructional video – just press the purple “Play video” button.

Power on/off, setting volume, battery levels

To turn the device on, use the button under the strap on the right side – long press if it’s turned off, short press if it is in sleep mode.

Can you see the small control light next to this button? When it’s white, the glasses are turned on. When it’s orange, charging is underway. If it’s red, the battery level is low. And when it’s green, the battery is fully charged.

To control volume, use the + and – buttons on the bottom side.

You can also see the battery levels of both the headset and controllers directly in the user interface when you have the headset on. You will find on the left side of the menu in the lower part of the screen – just use the pointer to hover over the headset and controller icons.

Charging and batteries

On the left side of the headset, there is a connector for charging. Always use the white USB-C cable and charger that came with Kaleido.

We put a sticker with the code of your headset on the inner side of the left strap – please mention this code to our tech support team when asking for help or advice.


Our headset comes with two controllers, one for each hand. However, most of the time, you will only need the right one.

We use the controller as a pointer in the virtual environment and press the trigger button with our index finger to click.

Most of the other buttons are not that relevant for us. But there are two buttons controlled by your thumb that will definitely come in handy. The small joystick can be used to scroll through a menu like on a smartphone or computer. And we use the small button with the Oculus company logo, similar to an inverted O, to display and hide the main menu.

Changing the battery of the controllers only takes a few seconds. If you see that the battery in one of them is running low, you just open the controller like this and change it for another standard AA battery.

WI-FI Setup and Guardian Setup

Kaleido came to your facility pre-installed and ready for action but there is still one thing we need to set up before you can take off – your Wi-Fi connection

Start with playing around with the headset for a minute. Turn it on, put it on your head, take the controllers in your hands, and explore how the VR environment looks and works. 

You can press and hold the Oculus button on the right controller for one second while pointing it straight in front of you to re-center the image.

Our VR headset allows you to truly move within virtual reality by walking around the room. 

To ensure your safety, you will always be asked to create a so-called Guardian by delineating a safe zone for your movement with your controllers when you turn the headset on. Follow the instructions in the headset to do so, or simply choose a so-called Stationary Guardian, which counts with you and the client being seated in one position the whole time. The current version of Kaleido app with our virtual tours is made for a stable seated position, so you don’t have to worry about the Guardian and movement in space if you want to only use our content tailor-made for the elderly.

When you’re ready, click on the Settings button in the right hand corner of the bottom menu. Then click on Wi-Fi, find your network in the list by scrolling down, select it, enter the password, and connect.

If the correct password was entered, the WiFi network in the list will appear as “Connected” after a few seconds. We can press the blue “Done” button and double-check that the WiFi symbol in the left part of the bottom menu bar is white.


Before setting out on the journey with your clients, don’t forget to fully charge the headset, the battery usually lasts for 2 or 3 hours. It’s always safer to fully charge it until the indicator light turns green.

You can also use a power bank for continuous charging while using the headset. In that case, check the temperature of the front part of the headset from time to time. If the device starts overheating, disconnect the power bank, turn the device off, and wait until it cools down.


Before each use, we disinfect the headset and controllers using a non-abrasive cleanser, not based on alcohol or any other aggressive chemical substance. Remember to always check if your cleanser is suitable for cleaning plastics, fabrics, and electronics.

Important: Never disinfect the lenses!

We wipe the outside and inside parts of the headset while ensuring that no liquid enters the connectors, the screen, or the lenses inside the headset. This is very important – we only use a clean, dry cloth to clean the lenses, without any disinfectant! Otherwise, we might damage the lenses irreparably

We finish the disinfection process by wiping the controllers, and Kaleido is ready for another traveller!

App launch & Sign-in

Let’s take a look at the Kaleido app now. You will find it by opening the main menu in the bottom of the screen and clicking on Apps.

After opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to enter the login and password from the onboarding email. Use the pointer to select the right input field, enter the right letters and numbers, and confirm. 

Don’t worry, the app will remember your login details, so you don’t have to log in and out every day.

Download & Delete

The key element of the app is our library of virtual experiences. Use the tabs in its upper part to filter the experiences by category, or choose to display only those that are already downloaded and ready for use. The arrows in the lower part allow you to go through all the pages of the library.

You may find the complete list of available experiences in the user section of our website. But the latest one will always be announced in the Kaleido News array on the right hand side.

And if you turn to the left, you will see another informative array – with tips & tricks for easy and efficient use.

Before you go on a VR tour, download it first. Simply click on the download button and wait for a while. You can take the headset off during the download – just check the progress from time to time.

After a successful download, the tour card will have two buttonsplay and delete. VR files are quite large and the headset only has limited storage capacity. In case the storage is full and you cannot download any more experiences from the library, choose one or two that are already well known to your clients and delete them from the device. And don’t worry, you can always download them back again.

Choosing the experience with a client

Kaleido works best as part of individual activation therapy. We suggest that you visit your clients on an individual basis in their rooms, so they can not only enjoy the experiences in a relaxed and more intimate environment, but also subsequently discuss their experience, thoughts, and memories with you.

The Kaleido app can be used in an offline mode. You can launch all the virtual experiences that you have already downloaded before even in clients’ rooms with poor or completely lacking Wi-Fi connectivity.

Choose the right experience together with the client and click on its play button to launch it. You will then have 30 seconds to take the headset off and put it on.

Adjusting the headset

Help the client put the headset on in a way that they can see properly, and that they are comfortable. You can use the adjustable straps on the sides and on top of the device for best results.

In case the image is not sharp, try moving Kaleido about into a position in which the client can focus properly. With VR glasses, sometimes all it takes is a slight tightening or loosening of the straps for the image to improve substantially.

Bed-bound clients should have their head and body in the most vertical position possible. If conditions allow it, clients should be sitting rather than lying down to prevent dizziness.

Encouraging movement and following the narrator

The clients can easily use Kaleido even while wearing their regular glasses. We installed a special insertion to ensure that you can use the headset with regular prescription glasses on. Just be careful not to damage the glasses while installing Kaleido over them.

After putting the headset on, the virtual experience is launched automatically. The clients don’t even need the controller. If they feel any discomfort or dizziness during the journey, help them put the headset down straightaway. 

Encourage the clients to look all around them – there will always be many interesting things to see everywhere. Also, instruct them to listen to the narrator’s voice and try performing the movements suggested by this guide – it will make them stretch in a playful manner.

When necessary, you can always adjust the volume using the buttons on top of the headset.

Pausing the experience

The narrator will be pointing the client at various focus points around them during the whole travel experience. For the narrative to match the image, the client should put on the glasses only after assuming the position they will be enjoying the experience in, so that the image can center itself accordingly. And again, bed-bound clients should have their head and body in the most vertical position possible. 

You can always pause the trip by pressing the “Trigger” button which also enables you to launch the trip again. When the client takes off the headset, the trip also pauses. If the client wishes to continue, let them find a comfortable position first, the image will then automatically re-center itself when they put on the headset again.

Discussing memories and feelings

To return back to the Kaleido menu, press the “Back” button on the controller, and confirm this action. Then you can choose a new destination and launch the trip again.

When the tour is over, help the client take off the headset and ask them about the experience. How did they feel? What resonated with them? Did it remind them of the trips they had taken when they’d been younger?

Exit & Turn Off

To leave the Kaleido app completely, click on the Oculus button on the controller and press the Quit button in the small menu that will appear on the screen. Again, there’s no need for you to log out of the app.

If you wish to put Kaleido to rest, press and hold the power button on the right hand side of the headset for a while. After that, you just confirm the turn off action with your controller. 

We kindly ask you to keep the headset, controllers, and accessories stored in the original Kaleido box and paper cover.

Key principles of working with Kaleido

So, that’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Before you start your adventures with Kaleido, let’s take a look at the key principles you should always keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to disinfect the headset and controller after each client’s use, and only do so using a non-abrasive cleanser suitable for plastic and fabric. Pay special care to the connectors and other electrical components, make sure no liquid enters the device.
  • Sanitation and safety are key, especially during these difficult times. Always disinfect your hand and forehead and put on a face mask before using the headset. The same applies to your clients too, of course.
  • Only wipe the lenses using the microfiber cloth provided with the device. Contact with liquid might cause permanent damage.
  • At the moment, we do not have sufficient evidence to recommend our virtual experiences for people with advanced stages of dementia. Always consider whether virtual reality is suitable for the client or not.
  • In case you feel like the headset is becoming too hot, or if the headset itself reports that it is overheating, turn it off immediately and let it cool down for a while. If this problem occurs regularly, please contact our customer support at +420 731 914 622 or, we’ll find a solution!
  • Even amazing things should be consumed at a reasonable frequency. We suggest each client takes some time to relax in the real world after maximum two virtual tours in a row.
  • Most importantly, remember to enjoy every experience with your clients to the fullest! Ask them about what they see, if it activates any specific memories, where would they like to travel next etc. Use Kaleido to strengthen your relationship with the traveller.

Good luck and bon voyage!