Our values

Young energy for happy aging


Even our oldest deserve the latest technology.


Tailored to specific needs and limitations.


Co-developed and tested with experts from practice.


Designed for lasting impact and continually improved.

Every grandpa and grandma deserves:

Get a new spark and enthusiasm.

Share experiences, smiles, and joy.

Benefit from digital conveniences.

Innovators and film-makers who are very eager to help

… and many more young people fully committed to delivering digital innovations to social care – including voice actors, translators, sound engineers, musicians, and graphic designers.

Marek Háša

CEO & Head of Product

Founder of Kaleido. Together with his brother Filip, Marek began to invent playful digital gadgets for health and social care after studying in the Netherlands, a country which is far ahead in this respect.
He has our mission written all over his face by now. Even in the shower, while grocery shopping, and perhaps in his sleep, he keeps on crunching the problems that could be bothering our dear travellers.
However, he doesn't have much sleep now anyway - in addition to Kaleido, he is also busy with his PhD in Media Studies at Charles University, where he's preparing a project focused on, guess what, the role of virtual experiences in the lives of socially isolated adults.

Michal Režný

Head of Growth

A big brain and an even bigger heart - that's our main business force, Michal. He makes sure that Kaleido effectively distributes joy in as many facilities as possible. Coincidentally, the senior population accompanies him in his other work activities as well. In addition to healthy sleeping habits, he is also a big history nerd and loves to study the life of decapod crustaceans.

Filip Háša

Co-Founder & Business Development

The big founding father of several digital companies, including Kaleido. And since lately, a dad as well! He has vast experience in managing the development and sales of technological products. He helps Kaleido as a strategic mentor and its main representative in London, UK.

Lucia Urbaníková

Communications Manager

Another “wise head” on our team and the first lady of Kaleido. After studying social psychology in London, Lucia decided to direct her endeavours on getting Kaleido as far as possible soon - to London, for example! She takes care of effective communication not only with the public but mainly with our activation teams and travellers. Her goal is to make working with Kaleido pure joy in all aspects.

Jan Vyčichlo


Our video-editor-in-chief, and a big entertainer too. Often working with imperfect material, he can put together VR experiences that will let many open-mouthed in amazement! Honza has extensive filmmaking experience and we are all looking forward to how he will show off with a camera as well!

Michal Vávra

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Another one of Kaleido’s main characters. Michal has plenty of experience with development and he is responsible for our VR application. We really have to make sure that he won't get lost in all those virtual worlds! When he’s not racing his motorbike, he’s probably building another mobile app or other digital products in Pixelfield with Filip.
Creating VR experiences
5/5 rating

Family inspiration

Both grandpas of Marek and Filip were passionate travellers. Their endless stories from their own travels across Europe provided the initial inspiration for Kaleido’s virtual trips.

You could sense a strange mix of emotions in these stories – the joy and enthusiasm coming from their own memories blended with disappointment that they probably won’t add any more of such powerful experiences to their album.

February 2020

First testing

After initial interviews with different social care organizations, we found that the elderly in care homes can be far more prone to such disappointment, sadness, and apathy, especially those confined to a bed or chair.

We bought the first headset and, in cooperation with Nursing home Chodov, we successfully tested the concept of an activation tool that will allow grandmas and grandpas to go on a trip again, safely and comfortably through virtual reality.

March - May 2020

Pandemic and endeavour to help

Like the vast majority of us, the March outbreak of the new coronavirus in Europe did not come in handy for Kaleido. We lost access to care facilities, which also had to focus solely on primary care and their clients’ safety.

However, the ban on visits has also multiplied the problem that Kaleido aims to solve. That is why in Spring, together with the nursing homes, we continued to search for all sorts of ways to bring our activation tool into the world – for example through crowdfunding. And ideally free of charge, so that our trips could quickly make those incredibly hard weeks more enjoyable for the elderly.

June - August 2020

Great success and first VR tours

Crowdfunding did not put us on our feet, but thanks to this effort we gained the attention of the media and also the recognition of the jury of the Hack the Crisis startup competition. We were active in this online incubator throughout Spring and in the end, we won prize money for shared 4th place.

We have decided to use all these funds to implement a free pilot program to get Kaleido into action as soon as possible. In the summer, we developed the first version of our VR application, created our own virtual experiences, and pre-tested them in three homes for the elderly.

September - December 2020

Pilot programme and research

Data collected from homes in August showed that we were going in the right direction. And so on the 1st of September, we were delighted to launch our big pilot program – Kaleido got into action in a large scale! We prepared 40 VR headsets that travelled to care facilities, hospitals, and senior clubs throughout the Czech Republic.

Together with activation teams, we collected feedback directly from the facilities, but mainly from the grannies and grandpas themselves. And almost wherever the second wave of the pandemic made it possible, the travellers praised our virtual experiences. By virtue of these valuable insights from practice, we were able to gradually spot and fix all bugs in the application and improve the trips themselves, so that they work perfectly in the future.


Kaleido is going out into the world!

We are closing the first calendar year of our existence with great enthusiasm and motivation for further work. The value we saw in Kaleido from the beginning has been definitively proven in the pilot programme. Thanks to thorough user testing, we know exactly what our oldest and their activation teams need. And we want to deliver it to thousands of them as soon as possible.

Kaleido is gradually attracting more and more partnering facilities. And we are already in the process of expanding abroad. Because a forest walk or relaxation on the beach can brighten up the day for an English grandmother, as well as a Czech, Dutch, or German grandfather! Follow our journey, for example on Facebook or Instagram.

Embark on a journey to more playful and effective activation with us!

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