Available experiences

Lesser Cyclades I., Greece

10 minutes, 1 second

The smell of sea salt, strong winds, crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea, and an ubelievable dosage of sun. The perfect choice for everyone with vitamin D deficiency 🙂

We will explore several beaches, admire cliffs and sea caves, and end the first part of our Greek journey with a cup of coffee in our hand, overlooking a delightful bay.

Haarlem, Netherlands

10 minutes, 25 seconds

We couldn’t pick a prettier day for a stroll through this picturesque Dutch town. Tiny sunlit streets, water canals, a majestic cathedral. And on top of that, the Northern sea and a beach!

Let’s take a tour around the city, recharge batteries in gardens, and take a bike ride through sand dunes all the way to the seaside.

Relaxation in Vondelpark

10 minutes, 31 seconds

Breathe in… and breathe out… Let’s take some time to wind down and relax during a guided meditation in greenery.

A calming experience in the beautiful setting of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

Cello in a baroque garden

15 minutes, 27 seconds

Beautiful cello tones and expressive singing in the breathtaking scenery of the Vrtbovska Garden in the very heart of Prague.

Kristyna Zakova from the Royal Academy of Music will play Suite no. 1 for Cello by B. Britten and Lamentatio by A. G. Sollima.