Joy, memories, and exercise

Virtual experiences for individual activation therapy

When the elderly and patients are unable to go out, the outside world will come to them.

Kaleido provides experiences tailored to the specific needs and wants of the elderly and designed in cooperation with activation therapists. Calming forest walks, seaside relaxation, European city tours with an exciting voiceover guide, but also cultural treats such as a private violoncello concert in a beautiful baroque garden or explorative gallery and museum strolls.

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Finally a truly effective and affordable innovation for social care

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Tailored to the elderly

We create all our virtual trips and cultural experiences from the scratch, with lots of love and care. Only then can we ensure that the content is suitable even for grandmas and grandpas with low digital literacy.

Convenient for all

Kaleido does not require any additional hardware or special technical knowledge. Together with the low subscription fees, this means that all types of establishments can benefit from our virtual trips.

Thoroughly tested

We continuously improve both the app and experiences based on data from 40 Czech nursing homes and hospitals in order to polish the concept and validate the effectiveness of the different content types.

Variety of experiences

Virtual travelling excites pretty much everyone. However, we also create VR concerts and museum walks to activate a rich spectrum of emotions and mental processes.

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We understand that virtual reality might be something completely new and rather intangible for you. But don’t worry, we got you!

When you see Kaleido in action in your own nursing home or hospital, everything will become crystal clear.

We will mail you a box with the VR headset, all necessary accessories, and a link to our web manual. It only takes some twenty minutes to familiarize yourself with the device. Then you can jump right into taking your clients and patients for tours as part of individual activation therapy in their rooms!

The virtual trips beautifully activate memories. Many of our clients immediately start telling their own stories and you can clearly see the new spark of life in their eyes. Kaleido is clearly very supportive and motivational, especially for physically disabled people who also get to stretch and move in a playful manner.

Ilona Veseládirector, Nursing home Chodov, Prague

How does it all work?

1. Delivery and onboarding

We will mail Kaleido to you in a box together with all accessories. Our web manual and onboarding video will provide you with a clear, hands-on introduction. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an IT expert, you can still deliver joy and laughs with Kaleido on a daily basis!

2. Choose and start a tour

Working with Kaleido is super simple. You don’t need any powerful smartphone or laptop connected – just turn on the headset, open our app, and start the virtual experience your client is looking forward to the most. We designed Kaleido to be a convenient tool for your individual activation therapy sessions when you visit the clients in their rooms. Experiencing a tour in their safe space and intimate setting will allow them to be fully immersed and enjoy it to the fullest.

The magical Kaleido effect - Before and After

3. Wow, we’re on a trip!

You help the client put on the VR headset (there’s no need to take off their regular glasses) and the experience starts – right in their comfy armchair or bed! The traveller can thoroughly explore the surroundings, following the guidance of the captivating and entertaining voiceover in English.

4. Memories and excitement

You will witness how beautifully Kaleido activates memories and triggers a complex mental and physical activation – just try dragging the purple line in the picture next to this paragraph from left to right and back. The rich stimuli of virtual reality activate various parts of the client’s brain, even more so if you discuss everything they saw and heard with them after the tour. Moreover, sharing such an intensive, moving experience will further strengthen your relationship and help you with future activation sessions.

Our virtual experiences are getting noticed

Cities and sights

World-famous classics and hidden gems of all parts of Europe

Sea and beaches

Foamy waves, astonishing cliffs and pure relaxation in the sun

Cultural experiences

Special concerts in extraordinary locations, museum and gallery tours

Nature and forests

Forest walks tailored to the needs of fall-prevention exercises, mountains and hills, lakes and rivers

Kaleido delivers joy and excitement in 40 establishments all around Czechia already!

Since August, we have been collecting data from the elderly, patients and their activation therapists in cooperation with 40 nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Below the map, you will find the first conclusions of our testing.
Excited feedback

More than 75% of the travellers rated our experiences with 5/5 stars! Activation teams collected reactions such as “This is so different from anything else I’ve seen before!” or “Oh my god, I am standing again!”

Movement for all

Almost 80% of the travellers had a good round of exercise during the tour. Kaleido managed to physically activate bed-bound clients too!

Stronger relationship

Four out of five trips strengthened and deepened the relationship between a grandma or grandpa and their activation therapist.

Activated memories

Kaleido opened up many memories with the majority of our travellers. They began to talk about their own travels from the past, or recent trips of their children and grandchildren.

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